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PLEASE NOTE: SOME GUESSWORK USED. SOME INFO MAY BE INCORRECT AS THE SOURCES AREN'T ALWAYS CONSISTENT WITH THEIR DESCRIPTIONS. By this post you can search the map spots easier and faster find the way to the specific map location. To assembler a greater picture of Golden state killer GSK, Eastern Area Rapist EAR and Original Night Stalker ONS movement and whereabouts.

Joseph James DeAngelo Damage controman

Joseph James DeAngelo Damage controman ...

Known locations approximated for privacy of those affected.

1974 - Dog Beaten

Dog beaten - Per HAP. Will find more details.

#1 - 1976-06-18

Detective McGoven

                                     William McGoven, Detective - McGoven shootings

Eastern Area Rapist,EAR,Golden State Killer,GSK,Original Night Stalker,ONS,

Eastern Area Rapist,EAR,Golden State Killer,GSK,Original Night Stalker,ONS with some of the major phantom image used during the years, Not to mentioning Visalia ransacker and some even furthermore profiles targeting the very same individual Joseph James DeAngelo.

Joseph James Deangelo phantom pic

A Phantom Profile image phantom paired with the police officer Joseph James Deangelo

Charlene Lyman Smith

Golden state killer victims Charlene Lyman Smith initialy Original night stalker was thought to ...

Joseph James DeAngelo

A townhall meeting with preventive measurments againt the terrible EAR ONS Golden state killer, with the golden state killer present. Could explain why a man there talking about protecting the woman, ends up with some porcilean on his back with the instruction to not make a noice or die! While he himself raping his wife.

At the time a Police Officer and a reason to be there ...

Joseph James DeAngelo folsom

[Joseph James DeAngelo folsom]

Folsom hight school


Rancho Cordova

#2 - 1976-07-17


#3 - 1976-08-29

Rancho Cordova #2

1976-08-31 - Neighbor has intruder

This neighbor saw the perp in #3 exit the home and walk down the street. Two days later she had an intruder in her home.

#4 - 1976-09-04

Carmichael #2

1976-09-2? - #5 Burglary

Homeowners of attack #5 discover jewelry in home that doesn't belong to them.

1976-09-2? - Burglaries

Several homes on Woodpark Way are burglarized with perp leaving jewelry in different houses.

1976-09-2? - #5 Finds Sock

Husband's sock left by burglar.

1976-10-01 - Neighbor Sees Stranger

Location approximate (Shadowbrook was different then). Neighbor saw a stranger standing next to her car in her driveway. He got into a green car and drove off. WMA, 30-35, 5'9", 170lbs, thick dark hair.

#5 - 1976-10-05

Citrus Heights

1976-10-05 - Dog Tracks Perp

Per HAP, dog tracks perp to around this location.

1976-10-05 - Car Seen

Neighbor saw a 1952 Green Chevy coupe a little before 7:00AM

#6 - 1976-10-09

Rancho Cordova #3

1976-10-09 - Weird Neighbor

Dorcas/Earle - Neighbor guy who inserted himself into investigation and was seen as a viable suspect. Drove a Chevy Vega similar to one seen in #5.

1976-10-18 - 10:00PM - Headlights

Neighbor in this area saw headlights coming from the field area. No houses here in 1976.

#7 - 1976-10-18

Carmichael #3

1976-10-18 - Tire Tracks

Tire tracks found in this area, where dogs tracked suspect. In 1976 this was a field, no houses.

1976-10-18 - 6:00AM

Paper boy sees Lincoln Continental parked here. Driver is in his 20s. Car drives off when approached.

#8 - 1976-10-18

Rancho Cordova #4

#9 - 1976-11-10

Citrus Heights #2

1976-12-11 - Home burglarized

#10 - 1976-12-18

Fair Oaks


Family with home for sale has several run-ins with a man in a whitish color Datsun or Toyota. Man approached teen daughter and she drove away.

1976-12-?? - Second Run-In

The next day (see other 1976-12-??) the teenager arrived home again and the man was there again but in a different car. Pink/gray/white with a square body. Her father ran out and man ran away. Car disappeared the next day.

1976-12-?? - Third Run-In

A few days later, teenager arrives home and man was in a Valiant near her house.

1976-12-20 - 2:30AM - Hiding

Woman stopped at sign sees a man crawling towards a residence. When he sees her he approaches, then gets on a bike and tries to chase her down.

1976-12-21 - Car for Sale

1961 Plymouth Valiant for sale bought by man matching description of EAR. Later ticketed by Folsom police and found to contain wig, shotguns, .45 ammo, pants, shirt, shoes, all with labels removed.

1977-01-16 - Blue Valiant

Blue 1961 Valiant impounded by Folsom PD and found on March 29 to contain ammo, guns, clothing with labels removed.

1977-01-1? - Ski Mask Man

Hap Ch31 - A couple walking through neighborhood saw squad cars from Heathcliff turn north on Crestview then saw a man wearing a black ski mask step out of the bushes and watch the cars.


Man seen crouching in bushes here.

#11 - 1977-01-18


1977-01-19 - #11's Car Found

Victim's car found in this apartment complex.

1977-01-?? - Car

Two boys walking to school see a dark colored American car parked here for three or four days. Driver turns away every time they approach.

1977-01-22 - 12:30AM

Neighbor sees man walking through front yards.

1977-01-24 - 12:30AM

Neighbor's dogs growl and bark. Same neighbor as 01-22 12:30AM

#12 - 1977-01-24

Citrus Heights #2

1977-01-24 - Dogs Track

Dogs tracked EAR here after #12.

1977-01-24 - Shoe prints

Waffle stomper prints found in neighbor's yard.

1977-01-24 - Fake Jogger

Neighbor of #12 is talking to paper boy about attack when they both see a jogger who doesn't seem legit. She follows jogger to a car parked at this apartment. License came back to asian male who lives on Farmgate.

1977-02-06 - Man in Park

Neighbor of #13 saw a man in the park staring at his wife while she did yard work.

1977-02-07 - 6:30AM - POIs

Neighbor on Malaga sees two men about 200 yards away. When they see her they run.

1977-02-07 - 6:45AM - POI

Neighbor sees a man walking down Heathcliff towards victim's house.

1977-02-07 - 6:45AM - POI

Neighbor diagonal to victim saw a man leaving victim's yard head through the park. LE followed where he went and found cigarette butts, beer cans, and herringbone shoe prints.

#13 - 1977-02-07

Carmichael #4

1977-02-07 - 8:00AM - Man on Fence

Neighbor sees a young man jump fence.

1977-02-07 - AM

Two students walking to school see a man running toward the park. He appeared to be coming from victim's house. Their vantage point was corner of Crestview/Heathcliff.


Victim #5 sees someone walking toward Greenback that she thought was her attacker.

1977-02-?? - Payless

Envelope full of driver's license photos found by store employee. All were of young attractive women. No further details.

1977-02-?? - Homeowner finds bag

Homeowner found a bag a few weeks prior to #14 that contained ski mask, gloves, flashlight.

1977-02-16 - 11:30PM

Rodney Miller, teenager, shot by prowler he pursued.

1977-02-21 - Neighbor sees perp

Neighbor sees perp looking at lock on her door. He runs when he sees her.

1977-03-?? - Neighbors see man

Neighbors see a man park a 1940s/1950s yellow pickup several nights in a row then walk towards the back yard of their neighbor.

1977-03-?? - Truck again

Different neighbors saw an old yellow pickup park exactly here three or four times in the past few weeks. Usually around 7:00PM.

1977-03-05 - Yellow Truck

Memo indicates a 1952-1953 bright yellow Ford or Chevy pickup seen parked each night for three nights before #14 on Knollwood.

1977-03-08 - Neighbor sees man

Neighbor sees man staring in window of 3148 Montclaire.

1977-03-08 - LE finds butts/prints

LE finds cigarette butts and matching prints at this corner.

#14 - 1977-03-08

Sacramento #2

1977-03-1? - POI

Woman on Viceroy was solicited by male claiming to be with American Pet Association. He creeped her out and appeared to check the lock on her garage.

1977-03-18 - 12:00PM - Truck

yellow pickup truck occupied by a male in his 20s who appeared to be writing something down.

1977-03-18 - Car Parked

1966 or 67 grey Chevy Belair sation wagon seen parked on Benny Way for several hours.

1977-03-18 - 9:30PM - Perp

Location approximate. Young neighbor sees a man walking across neighbor's lawn into back yard.

1977-03-18 - 11:00PM - Dogs

Dogs at this house growling around 10:30-11:00PM

1977-03-18 - 11:05PM

Neighbor sees a white Chevy station wagon with brown wood trim pulling away.

#15 - 1977-03-18

Rancho Cordova #5

1977-03-18 - Hatchet Found

Hatchet found along with two empty Dr Pepper cans. Two real estate signs also found in yard.

1977-03-18 - Dogs Track

Dogs track perp's scent to 2626 Ellenbrook.

#16 - 1977-04-02

Orangevale - First attack with a man present.

1977-04-02 - Bloodhounds Track

Bloodhounds track scent to this intersection.

1977-04-1? - POI

Neighbor girl sees a stocky man crouched behind bushes in this back yard. When seen he takes off running.

#17 - 1977-04-15

Carmichael #5


Teenage neighbor has several run-ins with a man driving a rusty four-door Chevy. Man told her he worked for plumbing co and had been sent to make repairs. She saw him again later and he drove away.

1977-05-02 - Neighbor sees car

Grey Plymouth seen parked on Tuesday evening before attack #19.

#18 - 1977-05-03

Sacramento #3

1977-05-03 - Levee

Location approximate - Dogs track suspect to this area where le found the victim's knife

#19 - 1977-05-05

Orangevale #2 - Based on description I think this is the house but not 100% positive.

1977-05-05 - Oak tree

Oak tree in front of house had tennis shoe prints nearby and scuff marks on the tree.

#20 - 1977-05-14

Citrus Heights #4

1977-05-14 - 5:20AM - POI

Paperboy sees a blue van speeding north on Birdcage. At Greenback it turned west.

1977-05-14 - Parked Here

Per ST, parked at nearby apt complex.

1977-05-16 - 10:25PM

Neighbors walking see a man looking at houses at corner of Sand Bar and McClaren.

1977-05-17 - Car Seen

Brown El Camino, new model. Seen behind victim's house on river walk levee.

#21 - 1977-05-17

Carmichael #6

1977-05-17 - Dogs Track

Dogs Track suspect to corner of Sand Bar and Canebreak.

#22 - 1977-05-28

Sacramento #4

1977-05-28 - Dogs Track Scent

#22 - Dogs track scent to somewhere around here. Tire tracks indicate small car.

1977-05-28 - 5:00AM - VW Stopped

Spc Inv for Fed Gvmt followed a white sports car, driver would not look at him, seemed out of place (HAP - not sure how connected).

1977-06-?? - Possible EAR

HAP Ch44 - Man finds his handgun unloaded, shoeprints found outside, report of a man seen. Unsure how connected.

1977-06-?? - Illegal Entry

Illegal entry reported on Templeton near Cedarhurst. Herringbone prints found. Location approximate.

1977-06-?? - Door to door

LE starts knocking on houses based on activity on Cedarhurst and Templeton. This homeowner (location confirmed) had returned on several occasions to find door unlocked or ajar and items moved.

1977-06-?? - More Door to Door

LE searches this yard and find tennis shoe prints and cigarette butts.

1977-06-?? - Another Report

10PM a week earlier man saw a young blond man walk through his neighbor's yard onto Cedarhurst.

1977-08-2? - Car Parked

Neighbor of #23 saw a white station wagon parked around here.

1977-09-05 - 10:30PM - Strange Car

light blue or green toyota or datsun seen driving around Portage

1977-09-06 - 1:00AM - Car

Small older style car heard in cul-de-sac.

#23 - 1977-09-06


1977-09-06 - bet 1AM-3AM - Car

A car was heard squealing tires as it drove around Portage.

#24 - 1977-10-01

Rancho Cordova #6

#25 - 1977-10-21

Sacramento #5

1977-10-28 - 2:00PM - Man seen

Man seen driving a four-door Plymouth slowly down Woodson, checking out residences.

1977-10-29 - 6:30PM - Neighbors see car

Neighbors saw a blue two-door 1964 Ford Falcon driving slowly through cul-de-sac. It had been seen twice before.

#26 - 1977-10-29 - 1:45AM

Sacramento #7

1977-10-29 - Dogs Tracked Here

Dogs tracked suspect scent to curb in front of 4400 Whitney.

1977-10-29 - 4:45AM

Neighbor sees man walk slowly past house. Man vanishes by tree near 4512 Whitney.

1977-10-29 - 6:30AM - Dump Truck

Owner of beauty shop sees a man pull a bike out of a trailer attached to a dump truck. Man rides bike eastbound on Whitney.

#27 - 1977-11-10

Sacramento #7

#28 - 1977-12-02

Sacramento #8

1977-12-?? - 7-11 Story

Man matching EAR's description came by 7-11 around 2:00AM regularly and looked at "girlie" magazines.

#29 - 1978-01-28

Carmichael #7

1978-02-02 - Maggiore Home

Maggiore Walking Path

Per Quester's site

Maggiore Chase Starts Near Her

Maggiore Likely Chase Path

Brian Maggiore Found

Katie Maggiore Found

Perp Jumps Fence

Perp's Path

Maggiore Young Witness

1978-03-11 - Faded Van

WMA 18-22, blond shoulder length hair, driver looking into homes.

1978-03-16 - Back Yard Prowler

Area approximate.

1978-03-17 - Green Pinto

Area approximate. Neighbors sees a green 1972ish Ford Pinto driven by WMA 18, 5'10", 150lbs. blonde collar-length hair.

#30 - 1978-03-18

Stockton #2

1978-03-18- 3:30AM- Running

Area very approximate. Neighbors heard someone running down Meadow then a car leaving.

1978-03-18 - Men Running

Three men seen running on Meadow, turn north on Coral.

1978-03-30 - 8:15PM - POI

Creepy man talks to nurse at "convalescent hospital" located here. Told her he had a sexual problem.

1978-04-10 - Man Returns

Same man as 3-30 returns. Nurse says she'll set up an appt, he says he already has one.

1978-04-13 - 11:00PM - Scratching

Neighbor hears scratching on side of their home.

1978-04-14 - 9:15PM - Cadillac

Location approx. Neighbor sees older Cadillac pull into victim's driveway.

#31 - 1978-04-14

Sacramento #9

1978-04-14 - 10:30PM - Minnow Hole

Woman fisherman surprised by jogger not dressed as jogger who says "Oh my wife is going to be mad".

1978-05-30 - Man at Pool

Janitor in apt complex tells #33 she saw man staring at her while she was at the apt pool.

#32 - 1978-06-05


1978-06-05 - 3:5?AM - Car

Location approx. Neighbor hears a sports car start up on Fuschia Lane.

1978-06-05 - Afternoon - Man Again

#33 sees man similar to description on 5-30 who sort of follows her while she checks her mail.

#33 - 1978-06-07


1978-06-22 - Cab

Cab driver picks up man and drops him at Sylvan/Coffee in a field.

1978-06-22 - Cab Drop

Cab from Modesto airport drops man off here.

#34 - 1978-06-23

Modesto #2

#35 - 1978-06-24

Davis #2

1978-06-24 - Dogs track


Dogs track #35 perp to somewhere around here.

1978-06-2? - Woodland Connection

Woman in Woodland, after hearing about attack #35, reports to LE a suspicious orange van with flames seen by her and her family over the past few months.

1978-07-03 - Cruiser

Neighbor of #35 sees a man cruising down Amador. He notified Davis PD.

1978-07-04 - Fake Beard

Neighbor of #35 sees man with fake beard and concho walked east on Bucklebury toward Arlington. Neighbor called Davis PD.

1978-07-06 - Gate

Gate near #36 left open.

#36 - 1978-07-06

Davis #3

1978-07-07 - Gun Found

Gun stolen from #34 recovered here.

1978-07-14 - Velveeta

Knife found in a Velveeta box in fridge of #36

1978-09-0? - Mormon Church

Man and woman claiming to be from Mormom Church visit #37's home.

1978-09-2? - Falcon

Location approx. Neighbors see an older Falcon, black or blue. Two men seen running. Neighbors check perimeter and find cuts in screens.

1978-09-30 - Man Hides

Location approx. Neighbor of #37 leaving for work sees a man duck behind bushes.

1978-10-01 - Man in Church Lot

Neighbor next to #37 sees a man sitting in a tree looking at her yard. Tree was near church lot behind her house.

1978-10-2/3 - Scratching

Neighbor hears scratching. LE checks it out after #37 and finds cut screens and a removed screen.

1978-10-04 - Prowler

Neighbor of #37 sees a prowler and confronts him with gun. Prowler says he is looking for his friend.

1978-10-0? - Neighbor Girl

Neighbor girl in park assaulted by man driving a 1966 Chevrolet truck w/grey and white spots.

1978-10-06 - Prowlers

Neighbors of #37 hear prowlers, see two suspects run into church parking lot. One wore white t-shirt and Levi's.

1978-10-06 - 11:15PM - Van

Location approx. White or aqua-green van seen parked near #37.

1978-10-07 - 10:30PM - Pickup

Fleetside Chevrolet pickup, green, parked near #37's home.

1978-10-07- 11:30PM - Van

Location approx. Van seen parked on Minert Rd.

#37 - 1978-10-07


1978-10-12 - 10:00PM - Noises

Neighbor on San Simeon hears what sounds like someone knocking her garbage can.

1978-10-12 - Broken Gate

At some point night of 10/12 prowler broke gate and removed fence boards from a Lyon Circle home.

1978-10-13 - Bike Stolen

Location approx. Bike stolen from neighbor of #38.

#38 - 1978-10-13

Concord #2

1978-10-13 - Beeping

Neighbor on Wilmore Ct heard a beeping noise like a car w/key in ignition and door open, three times.

1978-10-16 - Bike Found

Bike stolen from neighbor of #38 found here.

1978-10-28 - Celica

Cream-colored Celica seen by neighbor at dusk.

#39 - 1978-10-28

San Ramon

1978-10-28 - 5:00AM - Man

Neighbor returning home sees a man dressed in dark clothing climbing over a fence at this address.

1978-10-28 - 5:30AM

Man seen walking on Pine Valley, West of previous sighting.

1978-11-?? - License Plate


Victim in #39 was hypnotized and remembered a license plate on a Celica that had pulled into her driveway the day of the attack. Plate was listed as junked in Oct 1977 and traced back to Castille Auto Parts in Windsor, CA

#40 - 1978-11-04

San Jose

#41 - 1978-12-02

San Jose #2

1978-12-08 - 11:30PM - Van

Neighbor sees dark van parked in victim's driveway.

1978-12-09 - 2:30AM - Kid Cries

Neighbor in this house reports her two year old woke up screaming and was inconsolable. Bedroom window overlooks #42's back yard.

#42 - 1978-12-09


1978-12-09 - Dogs Track Scent

1978-12-09 - Mad is the Word

Papers found near area where dogs tracked scent. Sixth grade essay and map.

1978-12-18 - Rope found

6:30PM - Thunderbird Place - Diligent citizens find rope under their couch cushion.

#43 - 1979-03-20 - NOT EAR?

Rancho Cordova #7 - See description HAP/ST. Very likely not an EAR attack.

1979-04-03 - Evening

Neighbors of #44 hear glass breaking and a scraping noise but do not call police.

#44 - 1979-04-04


1979-05-16 - Laundry

Woman doing laundry sees man in her garage. He runs when spotted, north on San Joaquin towards Camino Ramon.

1979-06-02 - Stolen Bike

Someone reported a bike stolen from here between 9:30PM and 11:30PM

#45 - 1979-06-02

Walnut Creek

1979-06-03 - Bike Found

Location approximate. Bike stolen earlier in #45 found here.

1979-06-03 - Dogs Track

Dogs track scent of per in #45 to here. Location approximate.

1979-06-?? - Three Woman Prowler

Three women living together near this golf course reported a prowler in their back yard and hang up phone calls. Two of them had missing photos taken from their home.

1979-06-?? - Calls at Work

#45's mother receives heavy breathing calls at work.

1979-06-10 - Prowler seen

Neighbor here sees a prowler, 6'2", 210lb, staring at a house. He climbed over fence. Neighbor goes outside and sees man on bike. Man rides off.

1979-06-10 - Bike Suspect

Suspect seen by neighbor on bike turned south on Mustang Dr, per ST

1979-06-11 - 2:30AM - Prowler

Next door neighbor of #46 heard a prowler in their yard.

#46 - 1979-06-11

Danville #2

1979-06-11 - 5:00AM - Van

Neighbor saw a green/blue van, maybe Chevy, parked here.

1979-06-11 - Dogs Track

Dogs track perp's scent to this corner.

1979-06-11 - Afternoon - Car Wash


1979-06-16 - Tracks Found

LE had been walking these tracks every night looking for footprints. Several were found early on 6/16. Herringbone pattern.

1976-06-16 - Tracks Found

LE had been walking these tracks every night looking for footprints. Several were found early on 6/16. Herringbone pattern.

#47 - 1979-06-25

Walnut Creek #2

1979-06-25 - Dogs Track


name description


1979-06-25 - Perp's Trail


Dogs tracked along this path.

#48 - 1979-07-05

Danville #3

1979-07-05 - Dogs Track

Dogs track scent from #48 to here.

1979-07-05 - Dogs Track #2

Second attempt to track scent from #48 leads to area around here.

1979-08-08 - Prowler Seen

Prowler seen in back yard. Holding knife. Hopped fence. Shoe prints are consistent with EAR size/type.

1979-08-11 - Prowler Seen

4:20AM - Prowler seen in back yard of home on Plaza Circle.

1979-08-17 - 2:00AM - Prowler

Prowler on Plaza Circle, north of Diablo Golf Course. Had flashlight. Neighbors reported noises heard as well.

1979-08-17 - 4:00AM - Noises

Noises reported south of Diablo Golf Course. Specific location unknown.


Joseph Deangelo Search Arrest ward

Joseph Deangelo Profilic serial killer

Profilic Profiles in categoric behaivorism - Stair caising in the pixelating -

Art trap - Trap art

Bonnie Oak

Joseph Deangelo devote

Joseph Deangelo Search arrest warrant golden state killer.pdf



Deangelo Revolver maps -

Navy veteran Joseph Deangelo

Navy veteran Joseph Deangelo rewrites the map about good police work & who's bad


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EAR Eastern Area Rapist

ONS Original Night Stalker

GSK GOlden State Killer

So many crime profiles that turned out to be made by one man Joseph James DeAngelo, Born in Bath New Yourk 1945 8 October.

To start with the smiling image in the header is a phottoshoped version, since no pictures of Joe Deangelo Smiling is known to exist.

Joseph Deangelo

Alligator smiling photoshoped to Joe Deangelo

First apperance in court came in a wheelchair.

Sometimes after a rape he starts to cry and sobbering mommie, or was it Bonnie, his first crush. Engaged but for reasons unknown not married. Bonnie went on to marry another and so did Joseph James DeAngelo.

Joseph Deangelo Mugshot

Redacted by Sacramento Superior Court Judge Michael Sweet:

Joseph DeAngelo redacted-search-warrant-final

Arrest warrant

-Joseph Deangelo-arrest warrant

felony complaint Joseph Deangelo

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Feminism is one of the things that Joseph Deangelo donated money to. One of the 10 biggest donations came from…
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#Josephdeangelo 's first crush echoes in time; Mommy Bonny