Joseph DeAngelo EAR ONS GSK

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EAR Eastern Area Rapist

ONS Original Night Stalker

GSK GOlden State Killer

So many crime profiles that turned out to be made by one man Joseph James DeAngelo, Born in Bath New Yourk 1945 8 October.

To start with the smiling image in the header is a phottoshoped version, since no pictures of Joe Deangelo Smiling is known to exist.

Joseph Deangelo

Alligator smiling photoshoped to Joe Deangelo

First apperance in court came in a wheelchair.

Sometimes after a rape he starts to cry and sobbering mommie, or was it Bonnie, his first crush. Engaged but for reasons unknown not married. Bonnie went on to marry another and so did Joseph James DeAngelo.

Joseph Deangelo Mugshot

Redacted by Sacramento Superior Court Judge Michael Sweet:

Joseph DeAngelo redacted-search-warrant-final

Arrest warrant

-Joseph Deangelo-arrest warrant

felony complaint Joseph Deangelo

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